History of Nageur de Combat Straps

What is a Nageurs de Combat?

Nageurs de Combat (Combat Swimmers) is the French Navy's special operations frogman unit, also known as the French Navy SEALs. They are part of the French Navy's Commando Hubert unit and are trained to conduct special operations in the maritime environment, such as reconnaissance, sabotage, and counter-terrorism. They are highly trained and skilled in a variety of disciplines, including diving, combat swimming, and maritime navigation, and are able to operate in a wide range of environments and conditions. The Nageurs de Combat are considered one of the most elite and capable special forces units in the world and play a critical role in protecting French interests and territories overseas.

The History of French Marine Nationale Parachute Fabric and its Use in Watch Straps.

The French Marine Nationale, or French Navy, has a long history of using parachute fabric in their operations. This durable and long-lasting material has been tested and proven in some of the most demanding conditions. The surplus of this material, no longer needed for its original purpose, is repurposed and used to create unique and high-quality watch straps. NDCstraps® is a company that specializes in producing watch straps made from genuine French Marine Nationale parachute elastic. Not only do these straps provide a functional purpose, but they also offer a unique and historical touch to any timepiece.

The French Marine Divers, also known as the French Navy Divers, have a long history of using parachute fabric as watch straps. The divers were known to cut the parachute elastic from their own equipment and then stitch it together to create a functional and durable watch strap. This practice originated from the divers' need to have a reliable timepiece while on operations and they found that the parachute elastic was the perfect material for this purpose.

The use of parachute fabric as a watch strap by the French Marine Divers can be seen as a testament to the material's durability and strength. The fabric is able to withstand harsh conditions and maintain its integrity, making it a reliable choice for a watch strap. The divers' ingenuity in repurposing the material for this purpose is also a testament to their resourcefulness and attention to detail.

The use of parachute fabric as watch straps by the French Marine Divers is a unique and historical aspect of military culture. The repurposing of surplus equipment for a new and practical use is a common practice among military personnel. The use of parachute fabric in this way also highlights the importance of having a reliable timepiece in military operations. The tradition of using parachute elastic as watch straps has been passed down through generations of French Marine Divers, and now it is available for watch enthusiasts and collectors with NDCstraps®.