The history of NDC

Nageurs de Combat (Combat Swimmers) is the French Navy's special operations frogman unit, also known as the French Navy SEALs.

They are part of the French Navy's Commando Hubert unit and are trained to conduct special operations in the maritime environment, such as reconnaissance, sabotage, and counter-terrorism.

They are highly trained and skilled in a variety of disciplines, including diving, combat swimming, and maritime navigation, and are able to operate in a wide range of environments and conditions....

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  • Nihar

    The quality of the item is amazing and the most comfortable strap I have ever owned. Shipping is also super fast. Got my strap delivered to me in 6 working days from London to Brisbane, the fastest I have ever seen.

    Original Yellow Stripe NDC Strap 
  • Ken

    Ok, I’m a convert. Seriously love these straps. This is my 4th in a month. Exceptionally comfortable, infinitely adjustable and this limited edition variant is just the perfect match for my Elliot Brown Holton Professional. SUPERB!

    Limited Editions 
  • Simon

    Awesome strap, superior quality and very comfortable. And the extras such as the pin, card & stickers just puts the cherry on the cake. Will try it on my dive watch but had to first put it on my khaki mechanical.

    Original Yellow Stripe NDC Strap 
  • Christopher

    I found this item after looking to expand my watch strap options. Delivery was prompt and the strap quality was exceptional. I would definitely recommend this strap if you want to dress down a tool watch or just want a non-metallic option for the hotter months.

    Original Yellow Stripe NDC Strap 
  • Ashley

    Top quality straps, the original and the best. Super fast delivery and a really nice guy. Goes the extra mile, I'd highly recommended both the product and the brand *****

    Stealth Black NDC Strap 
  • Mark

    I've had various other "MN" type straps which I've enjoyed. But these NDC straps, being genuine parachute elastic have got something about them that looks so good. A textured matt finish that looks very military surplus. Recommended

    Original Yellow Stripe NDC Strap 
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