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NDC single pass strap stainless steel hardware

NDC single pass strap stainless steel hardware

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NDC single pass straps with stainless steel hardware

NDCstraps® :-
100% the real deal and actually made from Marine Nationale parachute elastic. Total military provenance.

Supremely comfortable as they are elasticated.

Highly adjustable so you can get the perfect fit every time.

NDC signed buckle.

INCREDIBLY durable Milspec material (NOT repro).

16 inches long approx (trim to size).

21mm width which is suitable for lugs of 19-22mm.

Standard length will fit most wrists XS to XXL.

Strap Fitting / Size Guide

Standard length will fit most wrists XS to XL. (New longer length as standard is 11inches or 28 cm. If the strap is too long please trim the ends to your liking and burn the ends gently to seal them.

For XXL wrists custom lengths are available.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Christian Roberts

I love how comfortable and sturdy this strap is!

Muir MacKean
Super comfortable Stretchy Strap

Great strap-easy & fun to customise (scissors to trim, candle to seal, hot metal spike to make holes). Once you have the fit sorted the watch never moves & you forget you’re wearing it. The big advantage over a normal MN strap is that you can slip these onto fixed bar watches easily without tools. The soft, earth khaki looks old when new & the yellow stripe picks up the lume on vintage watches. And the slight ‘bunching’ that comes when you fit a 21mm strap to a 20mm lug is just part of the rough’n’ready character of the strap. Very happy!

How to fit an NDC Strap

The amount of times I have been asked how to fit an NDC Strap... You just wouldn't believe it, so we made this video to help explain exactly how to do so.

The history of NDC

Nageurs de Combat (Combat Swimmers) is the French Navy's special operations frogman unit, also known as the French Navy SEALs.

They are part of the French Navy's Commando Hubert unit and are trained to conduct special operations in the maritime environment, such as reconnaissance, sabotage, and counter-terrorism.

They are highly trained and skilled in a variety of disciplines, including diving, combat swimming, and maritime navigation, and are able to operate in a wide range of environments and conditions....

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